At the east outskirts of the town of Brno, the second biggest town in the Czech Republic, Central Europe, and the new Shopping World is being prepared now. This Shopping World will be designed pursuant to the West-European models and it shall consist of more shopping centres as well as of much availability for leisure time. The project shall be executed in four stages. The submitted study describes only the 1st and 2nd stages whereas the stages 3 and 4 (as well as the following stages) depend on the ideas of an investor to be found. They can be executed as independent on this Project as well.

The Shopping, Social and Amusement World Rohlenka (SWR) is located next to the motorway Brno-Ostrava, 3 km distant from the nearest housing complexes called Lisen, Slatina, and 5 km distant from the housing complexes Zidenice and Vinohrady. The Town Centre of Brno is 8 km far away.

The Project has been located in the middle of a historic area of the "Austerlitz Battlefield" (1805) protected by the state. The protected zone gains up from the Brno outskirts to the village of Holubice on the motorway D1. The Shopping World Rohlenka respects as per its conception the unique landscape and it is the only investment opportunity of this character, permitted east of Brno.

The maps of the SWR location
Shopping World Rohlenka
Shopping World Rohlenka
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