Base for success

The project resides in the experience, that a successful operation of a shopping centre - or even Shopping World consisting of more shopping centres - depends to a considerable extent on the fact if the visitor can find something more than just the "shopping experience". Therefore, the project envisages much availability for leisure time - fully within its western models. All the project is based on experiences won by the developer and prospective manager of the Shopping World during development and operation of his first smaller Department Store in the South-Moravian town of Hodonín, on his common knowledge of Czech consumers as well as on his approach to the western know-how he gained by studying many similar projects in Western Europe and the USA. As to its strategy, the project has been established in co-operation with the following agencies: Bozell Worldwide® (marketing and communication strategy) and Ryden International ® (regional strategy).

The Shopping World Rohlenka has been designed as a supraregional shopping-social-amusement city. With its size, number of shops, availability of amusement and fast foods, this Shopping City surpasses all the regional centres built at the south industrial outskirts of Brno.

The aim of the Shopping World Rohlenka is to address and win not only the customers from its nearest "hinterland" - 171.000 inhabitants with attainability of 10 minutes but also the customers with the regional attainability - 543.000 inhabitants and especially the customers with the supraregional attainability - 2,065.000 inhabitants (see The Map of Hinterlands).

Because of its supraregional character, the Shopping World Rohlenka has been designed according to its western models (e.g. Centro Oberhausen, Germany; City Plus Linz, Austria) respecting the specific retail and amusement market in the Czech Republic.

As in the aforementioned supraregional shopping and amusement centres, also in the Shopping World Rohlenka the base of the shopping areas has been focused on great trade systems; furthermore on specialised retailers in relevant assortment of non-food range with various price levels.

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